PASSAGE TO INDIA serves authentic Indian food making your dining experience excellent. Having worked professionally for world class hotels in India Chef Sudhir Seth brings a rich knowledge of dishes and recipes. Passage to India is beyond just a Indian restaurant – The dishes you eat are traditional recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation in palace kitchens.

PASSAGE TO INDIA serves as a romantic setting in royal comfort offering stately, elegant service. Enter through an ornate beaten metal door decorated with inlaid stone of varying color where the painting of a Rajah in full regalia stands in greeting. Everything – walls, doors and menus – in Passage to India is tastefully adorned with Indian antiques, including framed sepia-toned photographs of Rajahs and the British Viceroys of the East India Company. Portraits of richly clothed nabobs peer down from the walls, and native carvings spiral up arches. The hallways are adorned with sketch drawings of the Taj Mahal and lithographs of other ancient monuments. On display are antique maps of the Indian subcontinent first charted by the British cartographers. The cozy dining room is split by two intricately carved wooden columns representing the mythical God Yali.

A pictorial array of yesteryear infantry and cavalry give insight to the rich heritage of the kingdoms of India before it became a Republic. Scenes of battle between the British and the Indian Princes evoke the ethos of the rich cultural heritage of India.

Chiseled red stone screens enrich the dining room along with a door decorated with dozens of pictures of the deity Lord Krishna cavorting with his disciples. Towering carved wooden lattice screens in the windows lend a palatial touch to the ambience. The centerpiece of the room is a hand made crystal chandelier casting its flickering glow over the muted diners.The rich saffron, gold and green upholstered banquettes and spacious chairs have an aura of the lush and elegant simultaneously. The collection of paintings, prints, archival photographs, portraits and carvings are transporting to a different era of pampered royalty. The soothing music floats down with notes of Sitar, Tabla and the Flute.