-the Indian all-spice
One of my regular guests at Passage to India had a strange request-wanted to buy Garam Masala from us. Given the recent popularity of Indian food & realizing that a lot of people would want to know the ingredients (as we make it) here is our downscaled recipe for domestic use--

Cumin seeds 2 oz.
Coriander seeds 2 oz.
Green Cardamom 2 oz.
Black Cardamom 2 oz.
Cloves 2 oz.
Peppercorn 2 oz.
Mace 1 oz. (Myristica fragrans)
Nutmeg 1 no.
Bayleaf 1 oz.
Cinnamon 2 oz.

Lightly dry roast all spices on slow heat to remove moisture (from husks and shells especially).

The spices can be left overnight in an oven with the pilot flame on for the desired results.

Let cool and then grind finely.

Store in an air-tight container.In different parts of India other ingredients are also added to the garam masala.

Dried rose petals in the Mughlai cuisine of North, Star anise in the West, Kabab Chini (Fructus Cubebae) and Patthar ka Phool (Parmelia Perlata) in the Hyderabadi cuisine of South.

Look at the different whole spices used for the Garam Masala on this Google link